The Greek Committee of Byzantine Studies is a scientific association founded in 1952 and based in Athens. According to its Statute, its purpose is a) The association of Greek Byzantinists with the International Union of Byzantine Studies. b) The promotion of the programs of the International Union of Byzantine Studies of planned projects. c) All in all, the promotion and co-ordination of Byzantine Studies in Greece. d) The participation of Greek Byzantinists and in other international organizations of a scientific character, other than the International Union of Byzantine Studies (the International Union of Historical Sciences, the International Association of Classical Studies, UNESCO, etc.).

The Greek Committee of Byzantine Studies is one of the oldest members of the International Association of Byzantines Studies (Association Internationale des Ėtudes Byzantines) and at the same time the strongest one regarding the number of members (145, representing all fields of Byzantine studies). It is administered by a nine-member Council, elected by the General Assembly every five years, always in the year immediately following the International Congress.

The chairman and one other member of the Directors Board participate as representatives of the Greek Committee in the General Assembly (Assemblée générale) of the International Union of Byzantine Studies, which is attended by 37 other representatives of national committees from the countries where Byzantine studies are being cultivated. The General Assembly meets regularly, on the one hand within the framework of the International Byzantine Conference every five years and on the other in the Intermediate Convocation (Réunion Inter-congrès) organized by the Greek Committee in Greece.

The first Directors Board of the Greek Committee was consisted of Anastasios Orlandos (Chairman), Andreas Xyngopoulos (Vice-Chairman), Leandros Vranoussis (General Secretary), Maria Nystazopoulou-Pelekidou (Treasurer), Spyros Troianos (Secretary adj.) and Dionysios Zakythinos, Nikolaos Tomadakis, Panagiotis Zepos Georgios Megas. The Commission's chairmen were Dionysios Zakythinos, Panagiotis Zepos, Manolis Chatzidakis, Ioannis Karagiannopoulos, Georgios Galavaris, and Maria Nystazopoulou-Pelekidou.

The Greek Committee of Byzantine Studies, in its effort to promote the scientific work of Greek Byzantinists, has already gathered in one paper a large number of publications for the years 1991-2005

Δεκαπέντε χρόνια βυζαντινολογικής βιβλιογραφίας στην Ελλάδα